Is Mobile Video And Internet TV Killing Free TV?

Is free TV going the way of newspapers?

The older people among us have all been brought up with free television. You switched on the set, selected your program, watched your program and gritted your teeth through the ads. However there weren’t many other options, other than to listen to the radio, so you ended up sitting there watching what was offered, including the ads.

All this changed when cable came along. Cable was a revolution in television allowing us to, for a price, have a much greater selection of content, and to make that selection based on some interests.

For instance if you were interested in sports you had some choices on what type of sports you watched. Whether it be football or golf you were able to watch your favorite sports if you chose the right channel or service.

Many preferred documentaries, and if you chose the right channel or service you were able to watch as many documentaries as you wished.

However even whilst cable was developing free TV managed to survive. Cable came at a significant cost and many people simply chose to watch for free and put up with the limitations.

However mobile television and video is now changing all that, and there is some question about how free TV will manage to survive into the future and what form of content it will serve. Continue Reading →

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Mobile Device Use Is Going Stratospheric

There’s one mobile device for every single person on the planet

It wasn’t that long ago that a mobile device simply referred to a phone. It was big, bulky and heavy and not many people could either afford one or carry one.

And of course in those days the only computer used was a desktop. Laptops were a twinkle in the eye and smart phones were the same.

However in the space of a decade or more that has all changed. Laptops are everywhere and are taking over desktops, and just about everyone now has some form of mobile device.

Nowhere is the advance of technology more obvious than in mobile devices. It has taken a few years to take the simple telephone from that proverbial brick to it now what is no less than a hand-held computer.

Modern computing power has got faster and faster and uses hardware that is getting smaller and smaller and the result is that we can now produce a relatively inexpensive, small hand-held device which is smarter and more effective than any computer that ever went into the space shuttle.

The uptake of mobile devices is extraordinary. It took around 45 years for ordinary phones to become commonly available in commonly used. It took around 7 years for the first mobile phones to really take off and smart phones have been around for 4 years.

It is now an extraordinary statistic that there are almost as many mobile devices in the world as there are people in the world. In a 2013 data forecast by Cisco it was estimated that there are now around 7 billion mobile devices in use across the planet and that’s roughly the same number as the number of people on the planet. Continue Reading →

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How To Listen To Curated Radio On Your Mobile Phone

Curated radio is now just an app away

There are of course quite a number of apps which allow you to listen to radio on your mobile phone or other mobile device. One of those is NPR One.

However the NPR One app is slightly different than those which have come before, and allows you to connect to a stream of public radio news and stories which have been curated for you. In other words you don’t just switch on a radio station and listen to it, but you get curated content from the ends of the earth. The best stories and the best news.

The new NPR One app is not the first app offered by the organisation, it has a range of already existing apps for listening to syndicated programs across the nation or for catching local public radio.

However the difference between this new app and previous ones is the curation of radio segments and news articles.

And is not just curated radio segments and news articles, it’s much more than that. The app will curate a mixture of radio segments as well as news articles which are based both on your location as well as on your interests.

Of course everyone likes to have local news. After all who wants to listen to news about something happening in a town at the other end of the country? And everyone has their own interests, if your interest is opera you do want to be listing to football? Continue Reading →

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